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SInX the “B&T Solutions-HUB Innovation Exchange

Knowledge is “Global”, it’s deployment addresses “Local” requirements Introduction

Innovation is all about Ideas, especially implementable Ideas & Entrepreneurship is about achieving sustainable business results. Put the two together and the results are “Hotmail”, “Google”, “LinkedIn”, the “iPhone” / iPad, “Amazone”, all being “Solutions” to real world requirements

In all cases the Company behind these “Solutions” is a brand and a repository of teams that are characterized by capability, capacity and consistency.

The Challenges:

Good Ideas are like a virus, they infect others and change their form constantly. They make the infected, feverish and give them sleepless nights (and of course, sleepless days!)

But these viruses at times kill the obsolete and the weak but at other times strengthen their immune system and assist the infected to become stronger.

The challenge, then, is to be infected by good ideas and to club them with entrepreneurial skills to realize Solutions that are “Commercially Sustainable, Socially Acceptable and Eco-Friendly”.

SInX” the “B&T Solutions-HUB Innovation Exchange” has developed and deployed the “SInX WAY”

The Approach: 

SInX” the “B&T Solutions-HUB Innovation Exchange” is a “Person to Person”, Internet supported Platform that synergies the strengths of providers of Technology / Solutions / Products / Processes / Services (collectively referred to as “TSPPS”) individually or in specially designed consortiums to Architect, Build, Commission and Deploy (also collectively referred to as A,B,C & D) self sustaining and self expanding revenue streams.

To achieve this, the “SInX Innovation Exchange walks the “SInX WAY”

The Solution: 

The “SInX WAY” is a validated process for accelerating the creation and / or expansion of local / regional / national / international revenue streams for established and newly developed Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes / Services (collectively termed as “TSPPS”) and for ensuring their commercial sustainability.

The “SInX”, the B&T Solutions-HUB  Innovation Exchange is a “World Wide Business and Technology Platform” (WWB&TP) and is setup, managed and operated for the four “Communities” listed below.

(Note: Participation is by Invitation only):

1.              Community of Providers of Technology / Solutions / Products / Processes and Service (called Partners of “SInX”)

2.              Community of “Subject Matter Experts” and / or “Contributing Authors

3.              Community of Financial Institutes delivering Financial Services for  “Projects / Revenue Streams”

4.              Community of SEEKERS of Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes and Services (called Members of “SInX“)

Figure 1:

The above 4 communities are built around the local “SInX Local Points Of Presence (also referred to as “SLPOP”). The SLPOP’s operate as independent business units.

Each a SLPOP has a Business Head. The SLPOP is always a person (and in case it is an organization, then the authorized representative from the organization is the SLPOP).

“SInX” ensures Sustainable and “Positive Commercial Results” for the community members by a driving the strengths of these communities in the target markets of Europe / Middle East / South Asia / South East Asia / China, Australia

Note: USA is being added to the above.

“SInX” operates on an international commercially sustainable business model

This is achieved through:

1.              Chargeable Services, at commercially and socially acceptable price levels

2.              Trading Margins

3.              Buyers and Sellers Fees

Participation in one or more of the above-mentioned communities is by invitation of the “SInX” authorized officers or by community participants only. Active participation is requested of all community participants. This is facilitated and monitored by the “SInX” Operations Team.

In addition, the major advantage to the participants of the Community of Members (Customers / Clients) is them receiving state of the art solutions from local, regional and international providers of technology and solutions together with the appropriate subject matter expertise as well as the “SInX” Business Operations Capabilities.    

The “SInX” business model leans heavily on building on technologies that have been validated and solutions that have been commercially deployed with success at least once any where in the world.

Following are the Focus Technologies at present:

1.              Energy, Technology and Solutions (especially Renewable Energy / Fuel Cells)

2.              Water, Technology and Solutions (especially Electrolysis Cells)

3.              Materials, Technology and Solutions (especially Nano Materials / Graphene)

4.              Life Sciences, Technology and Solutions  (especially Hospitality Sector and Hospitals)

5.              Supply Chain / Retail / Commodities (Technology and Solutions)

6.              Data Communication / Data Management, (Technology and Solutions)

       (especially Workflow automation, User Interface and Database architecture, design and implementation)

Figure 2:

New technologies are introduced regularly and continuously as “Focus Technologies”

Relevance to the present Innovation and Entrepreneurial environment in India:

India has the pre requisites for turning itself into a Major International Entrepreneurial-HUB.

The groups, in India, that create and have created locally deployed solutions are increasingly penetrating the Indian Eco-System in size and in numbers.

The sustenance of these creative, determined groups and individuals depend heavily in their individual capability of constantly being ahead of competition originating both from India and from entities / individuals from abroad.

The “SInX WAY” is instrumental in carrying validated Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes / Services from these Indian entrepreneurs / innovators into new markets at home and abroad, synergizing these with capabilities & capacities in these markets, facilitating revenue generation and bottom line expansion.


SInX” the “B&T Solutions-HUB Innovation Exchange” is a tool to accelerate the ramp up speed of the reach and scale of skilled and innovative Entrepreneurs. As all other tools, the effective use of this tool is essential for ensuring enduring success.

Contributed by:

Tony Wadhawan

Point Profile, Tony Wadhawan:

Mr. Wadhawan specialises in Architecting, Building, Operating and Managing Business Units in International, Multilingual and Multicultural environments.

Mr. Wadhawan is on the Governing Board of the “SInX” the “B&T Solutions-HUB Innovation Exchange” (a “Business Platform” for creating, supporting and trading in Technologies, Solutions, Processes and Products

Prior to his present role and as an Executive Vice President, T-Systems International GmbH, (Deutsche Telekom AG), he established and operationalised T-Systems India Pvt. Ltd. as a wholly owned business entity for and as a daughter company of T-Systems International GmbH (Deutsche Telekom AG) in Pune, India as its IT OffShore Software Development Centre.

As Vice President Business Operations, Mr. Tony Wadhawan was instrumental in setting up Satyam Computer Services Pvt. Ltd. on Continental Europe with focus on Germany.

Between 1992 and 2001, Mr.Wadhawan, was the  Managing Director) of SEMCO, System Integrations IT company

Prior to SEMCO, Mr. Wadhawan was nine years with NEC Electronics Europe in Germany (European Product Marketing Manager-Europe), three years with Storage Technology in the UK (European Product Support Manager), two years with ITEL International in Germany

In addition Mr. Wadhawan brings 8 years of Mainframe experience acquired at IBM World Trade Corporation.


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Tony Wadhawan