“SInX” HR Products & Solutions and their use in the “SInX Human Resources Inclusive Model”

Emerging Trends in HR today indicate Human Capital has become a Key Asset for any organisation:

Knowledge economy has brought the human side of business management to the limelight. No geographic or regional boundaries for Human Talent Key Focus: Identify, Attract, Retain talent. HR function becoming Complex, voluminous and competitive.

Productive Utilization of Human Capital is a key Success Factor for HR

Focus on the Internal Customer Automation of Key HR processes Moving toward a Centralized HR service platform HR as a Self-service model Improving employee productivity by providing anytime, anywhere access to information

A holistic all-inclusive Human Resources Management Solution that aligns itself to ever changing Business Requitrements is essential for the “Sustainability of any Revenue Stream”:

The “SInX HR Inclusive Model” Archgitects and Deploys:

•HR Strategy

•Leadership and Change

•Competencies and Assessments

•M&A Due Diligence and Integration Support

•Restructuring, Privatization and Large Scale Change Management

•Communication and Training •Performance and Rewards

•Job Evaluation

The “SInX HR Inclusive Model” integrates and seamlessly operationalises validated and well tested, infrastructute & tools:

An information system that monitors, controls and influences the entire life cycle from Talent Acquisition to Talent Exit / Retirement ncluding a System driven tool for collecting, storing, maintaining, retrieving and validating HR Data

The “SInX HR Inclusive Model” includes HR Products & Solutions, that are selected from the best in class and most suitable Technologies, Products, Solutions, Services and Processes (TPSSP) using “Subject Matter Experts” who have indepth experience & capabilities that have been repeatedly proven locally as well as internationally.

The “SInX HR Inclusive Model” achieves process optimisation through workflow automation in all business in the entire life cycle of any particular revenue stream and realises Speed, Accuracy in deployment and Standardization of Data Capture, Storage, Processing and Analytics

Key Functionalities of the “Tried & Tested” “SInX HR Inclusive Model” include but are not limited to:

·       Capacity and Capability accessment

·       Career Progression

·       Compensation and Reward Process and Solution

·       Employee Self Service

·       Training

·       Recruitment

·       Performance management

·       Exit process

·       Integration with Payroll

·       Integration with attendance recording system

·       Email based alerts and notifications

·       SMS alerts and notifications

The SInX HR Product & Solutions have been successfully implemented across organizations in different industry verticals including Manufacturing, Banking & Finance, Pharmaceuticals and Insurance.

The very next steps:

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Contributed by: Pushkar Shah

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