ERP for the construction industry

Dear “SInX” Participants

Welcome to the This edition of “This too is POSSIBLE…….”  in the fourth week of December, 2013.

Additional Comments and an Invitation to participaze on and in “SInX”:

Technologies, Knowledge, Information and Products that ideally contribute or could contribute to these “Solutions” have become many fold and are available from suppliers spread across the globe. These, in themselves, are changing and expanding. The challenge, then, is to keep track of these and to bring these together to realise best in class local solutions.

“SInX”,  Business and Technology platform is an “Internet Supported “P2P” (Person to Person) accelerator that facilitates the deployment of validated technologies, by themselves or in combination with other “Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes and Services, to address “Business to Business” and / or “Business to Customer” requirements.

The four communities that form the “World of SInX”, spread across the world, are serviced by “local” Points of Presence (POP)”

The guiding principle of “SInX” is to facilitate & accelerate the deployment of “Global Knowledge” to create “Local Solutions” that are “Commercially Sustainable”, “Socially Acceptable”, & “Eco-Friendly”

Do visit us on and register in one or more of the four communities:

  1. Community of Technology and Solution providers
  2. Community of Subject Matter Experts and / or Contributing Authors
  3. Community of Finacial Institutes and / or Financial Service providers
  4. Community of Seekers of Technology / Solutions / Products / Processes / Services

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