The Environment : Data is a commodity; each element of data has a price. Data is converted into Information and information is mined. “Data Elements” and “Information Packages” are saved and are communicated.

Challenges : The deployment of Methods and Tools for the Management of Data, the Structuring and Interpretation of Data into usable Information, the communication and the use of the Information for improving and sustaining Life is crucial but expensive, complex, disparate, and ever changing across community boundaries.

The Way Forward : Integration of data / information creation, data / information management, data / information recycling, data / information communication technologies, development of the Data and Information building blocks / innovative use of the available technologies and there evolution.

Solutions:                       (Click the picture or link below to download pdf)

Standard Software and e-Suite Applications 


ERP Solutions and Services – SAP / ORACLE



Machine to Machine Solutions & “The Internet of Things”


Application Database & Networking Solutions 


M2M Application – The Internet of Things: Gold-to-Go: Worlds First Gold Vending Vault


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Community of Technology and Solutions Providers; Community of Users and Members that require, use and / or implement “Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes”; Community of “Subject Matter Experts” & “Contributinf Authors” and the Community of Project / Programm Financial Services Entities


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