The Environment : Globalisation of “Procurement” and the increased local demand for “Goods and Services” fuelled by the spread of trading on “Internet Supported Platforms”.

Challenges : Ineffective structuring of end to end Supply Chains, Migrating from the old ways of transporting to the new principles of Worldwide Logistics, disparate international import and export regulations, inadequate transparency of operations, use of no or out-dated Goods handling equipment.

The Way Forward : Integration of disparate processes and technologies to realise complete solutions in the sourcing, processing, price fixing, transportation and warehousing and just in time delivery to consumers.

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Community of Technology and Solutions Providers; Community of Users and Members that require, use and / or implement “Technologies / Solutions / Products / Processes”; Community of “Subject Matter Experts” & “Contributinf Authors” and the Community of Project / Programm Financial Services Entities


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